Current Series

The Gospel According to Luke

The Gentile historian gives us a precise and thorough autopsy into the life of Jesus. Through the pen of Luke and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we see the humanity of God's Son. Jesus became a man to seek and save the lost. 


A series of independently important topics presented by our own and special guests of Hill City.


The Creator, in His perfect craftsmanship, made man and woman in His image. He gave them very important, distinct, and complementary roles. When we honor God's design and people are led accordingly, God's church and humanity will Thrive.


The book of Judges takes us from Joshua to the beginning of Saul’s reign. Cycles is about a rebellious people and a patient God. 

Old Testament Foundations

We will spend two weeks looking at the Old Testament, focusing on main themes and structures. This will equip us for our next series of 2017.


We are starting 2017 at Hill City by going verse by verse through Philippians. This book holds the truth of real joy and right thinking. Join us on the journey!


Advent is a season to remember Christ was born to bring salvation, His promise to return again, and his purpose for us in between.

City on a Hill

Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:14, that he has positioned the church as a City on a Hill, a light to push back the darkness.


Jesus used metaphors in His day to help people understand who He was. The Bible presents the Gospel through the lens of several different metaphors.


In this series, titled Believe, we study the book of John and reflect on the question, "Does my belief transfer into how I live my life?"