What should I expect?

At Hill City Church you’ll find a multi-generational group of regular people, from different races, cultures, and economic groups, gathering together for one unified purpose; to make much of Jesus. You might see guys in shorts and sandals or a suit, ladies in dresses or jeans. Just come as you are!

When you arrive, greeters will welcome you at the door. As you walk in, the Atrium will be full of people talking and connecting. Just inside the Atrium you will see our Connections Table where you can ask questions or find out more information about our church.

Just past the Atrium is our secure children's area. Our children's ministry is focused on Partnering With Parents to Make Disciples.  We use age-specific curricula for 0-5th grade that focus on teaching the Bible through a Gospel-centered lens. We have a team of volunteers to check in children.






Inside the auditorium, our Sunday morning Gathering takes place. Everything we do, from start to finish, is intentionally focused on Jesus. Just before each Gathering, the band will start playing a song to let everyone know we are about to begin. We use liturgies, or practices, to rehearse the Gospel together. Through singing, scripture readings and prayers, preaching, and receiving communion we celebrate Jesus and focus our affections on Him. We intentionally follow a common rhythm in every gathering.






Call to Worship. We believe there is something special and holy about the corporate gathering of believers. In the call to worship, we acknowledge that we come together, from all backgrounds, to focus our hearts on Jesus.

Glory of God. We always begin by focusing on the nature and character of God. Together, we acknowledge that He is all-powerful, loving, and good.

Confession of Sin. As we acknowledge who God is, we are also reminded of our sin. Together, we follow the Biblical call of confession. We confess that we have all sinned, each in our own way, and have turned our backs on Him.

The Cross. As we confess our sin, we remind ourselves that we do not have to pay for our sin through penance or other religious activities. That payment was made by Jesus and His death on the cross. We celebrate His victory over death and the mercy and grace that He offers us.

Sermon. Our primary method of teaching is verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. Occasionally we will teach a topical series as it fits the needs of our body. Our teaching is Gospel-centered, not morality-centered, and focused on becoming disciples who make disciples, as God has commissioned us.

Response. We respond to the Gospel by pulling our affections away from idols (e.g. approval of others, comfort, control, etc.) and back to God. Finally, we will sing a couple of songs during which we receive communion. We invite anyone who is a believer in Christ to receive communion. There are four stations at the front of the room, where other believers will hold the bread and juice for the church. At any time you may come up, tear off a piece of bread, and dip it into the juice. This represents the body and blood of Christ.

Benediction. We end with a blessing from one of our pastors and the commission to Be With People as Sent People. This is our reminder that we as believers are sent to take the good news of the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus.

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